„Location decisions seem to be easy at first glance, but on closer examination they are complex and complicated – and a wrong decision can be really expensive!“

For more than 40 years, STANDORT + MARKT offers support to find the appropriate locations for your company. We provide a variety of different analyses, market surveys and consulting activities as well as evaluations of projects and sites in Austria and the whole CEE region. We are an independent company with long-standing experience.

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Standort+Markt Beratungsgesellschaft m.b.H.

Austria, A-2500 Baden, Rathausgasse 11
Phone: +43 2252 80640-0
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Fields of Activity


• Location oriented market analysis for all formats of retail outlets
• Optimization of chain store locations
• Analyses of customer origins
• Analyses of regions and countries/branch network development
• Project development consulting


• Retail oriented structural analyses
• Retail oriented master plans for cities, counties or provinces
• Zoning compatibility analyses
• Proximate analyses of Austrian cities, communities or regions

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Philosophy and History

STANDORT + MARKT Consultants was founded in 1973 by Dr. Otto Steinmann and Dkfm. Andreas Kreiner. Up to now we completed more than 4.000 commissions and analysed almost 9.000 locations in the whole CEE region. About 100 new commissions per year and annually published directories about the retail scene guarantee professional and service-oriented advice.

Our current STANDORT + MARKT team still follows the guidelines set down by Steinmann and Kreiner:

• Long-term success is only possible if the “right” outlet is at the “right” location.
• The consumer determines what is “right” by choosing shopping destinations every day.
• Our analyses are tailored for each individual client. We do not offer multi-client studies “off the rack”.
• We go for quality - not for quantity.
• We do not produce (costly) masses of data if they are not needed to solve the problem in question.
• Our recommendations are usually cautious.
• Our analyses are produced by long-term employees of STANDORT + MARKT. We are therefore able to handle all data with the necessary discretion and make use of the excellent experience of our analysts.




We launch annually updated documentations about shopping centers, retail parks and big boxes in Austria as well as a documentation about retail in Austrian city centers (including 5 high streets in Vienna), a guide on expanding companies in Austria, several wall maps and other reports. Most of our products are available in German only, we provide English keys for some of our documentations, however.

S+M Documentation Shopping Centers Austria: Fact sheet, English key, Synoptical table
S+M Documentation Big Boxes Austria: Fact sheet 2014/15, English key
S+M Documentation City Retail Austria: Fact sheet 2015/16, English key
S+M Documentation High Streets Vienna: Fact sheet 2012
S+M Expansion Handbook Austria: Fact sheet 2015

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